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Launch your B12 website (Do it yourself)
Launch yourself series: Editing your website
Launch yourself series: Editing your website

Introduction to using the B12 Editor and how your website is set up

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You can use the B12 Editor to edit your AI Draft and add your content and copy. The B12 Editor is also where you’ll update your website once it’s launched.

Want help? If you’re unsure how to build a website on your own, you can have one of B12’s designers build your website for you. Click here to schedule your demo call.

Before you begin

  • The B12 Editor saves all changes you make automatically, so you don’t need to worry about losing your work! 

  • If you make a mistake that you can't fix, you can even restore a previous working version of your site to undo your changes! See these instructions.

  • Use a laptop or desktop to access the B12 Editor. The B12 Editor doesn’t support editing from a phone or tablet.

Getting to know the B12 Editor

The B12 Editor has two main areas: 

The left side is your Home Menu, where you can manage and edit everything related to your B12 website.

The right side shows your Dashboard, with next steps you can take and tips for completing your website.

Once you click Website, then Pages in the left menu under Website, the right side will display your website preview. It includes:

  1. Device - See how your website appears on different devices, such as desktop and mobile.

  2. Pages - Click each page to add or edit content. 

  3. Website preview - An editable preview of your site. Click anywhere in the preview to open up that section in the Edit panel.

  • Preview - Creates a link to your website that is hidden from public view. You can share this link with friends or colleagues to show them edits you’ve made without publishing these changes to your live website.

  • Publish - Makes your website preview live and findable online. Publish every time you make edits you want everyone to see.

Editing Your Website

Click Website, then Pages from your Home menu to begin making changes to your site.

Understanding Your Website’s Structure

Websites are an organized set of one or more pages. Some of these pages will be linked in your header, also known as the navigation menu, helping visitors move around your website.

Pages are made up of individual sections. You can build and organize your website by adding pages, creating sections within those pages, and then adding page links to your header.

Editing sections

Edit existing sections on your website to rewrite placeholder copy, add images, or make other changes.

To edit a section, select the page you wish to edit from the navigation menu, then click on the section you want to work on in the website preview. The Edit panel will appear on the left side.

Editing text

  1. Click the section with the text you want to edit.

  2. Edit the text in the corresponding textbox in the Edit panel.

Editing text in the textbox is similar to editing a Word doc. You can delete, replace, and style the text however you want.

B12 offers an AI content generator to make creating content easy. Visit our article on generating text with AI assist to learn more.

Replacing images

You can upload your own images or choose from thousands of stock images in the B12 Editor.

1. Click the section with the image you want to replace.

2. In the Edit panel, under the image thumbnail, click Replace.

  • To use an image you own, click Upload media, select the image file from your computer, and click Continue.

  • To use a stock image, click Search, search for an image by subject, select an image, then click Continue.

Here are some more helpful articles to help get you started:

Adding pages and sections

Changing the style of your site

For additional help, email 😃

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