Editing a blog post

Learn how to make changes to an existing blog post.

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Note: In order to edit blog posts, you should already have a Blog Feed. See these instructions to add a Blog Feed to your website.

Step 1: Locate your Blog Feed section and find the Blog posts field in the left pane of the Editor.

Step 2: Select the blog post you'd like to edit by clicking on the title of the post in the list.

Step 3: Edit the fields to update your blog post content.

  • You can edit the Title, Author, Date, and Summary by clicking in the corresponding text field.

  • To edit the main text of your blog post, click the Body field. You can scroll up and down in this field to make changes. Tip: Click the pop-out icon in the bottom right to edit in a larger view.

  • To change the featured image, click the Replace button and select or upload a new image. Then click Continue.

Step 4: Once you've made all of your changes, you can view your blog post by clicking Go to blog post at the top.

To publish your new changes to your website, just click the purple Publish button in the top right corner.

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