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Using B12's all-in-one platform saves you time and stress and provides your clients with a professional experience. Here are 7 steps for running your business online with ease after your website goes live.

  1. Email Marketing

  2. Online Scheduling

  3. Client Intake Forms

  4. Contracts & eSignature

  5. Get paid online

  6. SEO and analytics

  7. Update your website

Note: Email Marketing, Online Scheduling, Client Intake Forms, and Contracts & eSignature are available on Standard and Premium subscriptions. The Basic subscription has access to limited Email Marketing and Online Scheduling features.

1. Announce your new website with Email Marketing

Use the Email Marketing tool to send professionally branded emails to your contacts. For customers who have just launched, we highly recommend you send an email announcing your new website to get some quick traffic. Simply select the template "Website launch", fill in the blanks, and send!

2. Accept and manage your appointments with clients

If you schedule appointments with clients, the simplest method is to let them schedule with you on your website, not over the phone or on a third-party booking platform.

With B12's Online Scheduling tool, you can sync your existing calendar, customize your availability, create different appointment types with different durations, and let clients schedule or cancel appointments on your website.

3. Send Client Intake Forms

Intake forms help you qualify leads and give you the information you need to hit the ground running when they become clients. Whether you use a general form for all prospects or send lengthy, service-specific questionnaires, you can set these up easily in your B12 account and store the submissions in your Contact Manager.

You can create an unlimited number of intake forms, which can be client-facing or business-facing depending on your business's needs.

4. Contracts and eSignature

Make signing contracts more efficient for you and your clients by letting them sign with an eSignature. Upload a contract PDF, drag in the necessary fields, and send it to your client in a few clicks all from your B12 account. No more faxes or printers.

5. Get paid online, seamlessly

Send professional, branded invoices to your clients from your B12 account. They will receive the invoice in an email and can pay with a card or bank transfer. There are no extra costs aside from standard transaction fees, and it's a no-brainer switch if you're using a third party with outdated designs or monthly fees. As a bonus, keeping Online Payments in B12 means you have one less platform to manage.

Online Payments and Invoicing services our customers' versatile needs, such as recurring payments or self-checkout. If you're not sure how to incorporate Online Payments and Invoicing into your business, email hello@b12.io and we'll help you find the best way to use this convenient and cost-effective service.

6. SEO and Analytics

Watch our SEO webinar to learn how we've set up your website to be successful in search results, as well as tips and tricks you can do to grow your online presence.

To check how you're doing in search results at any time, log in to B12.io and look at SEO and Analytics.

If your subscription includes monthly blog posts, review your content calendar and contact our team if you'd like to discuss changing the topics or keywords.

7. Update your website

As your business changes over time, so should your website. Log in to B12.io to edit your website or to request a B12 expert edit it for you.

Do it yourself

Small changes to text or updating images are examples of easy edits you can make regardless of skill level. If you're comfortable editing your website, you can also make big changes, such as adding new pages or sections.

To start editing, log in to B12.io and click Website, then Pages. Our Support Center has plenty of articles to help you update your website.

Let B12 do it for you

Sometimes it's best to leave the larger updates to an expert. Request an update through your B12 account, and depending on your update's needs, a Launch Specialist, designer, and/or copywriter will be assigned to it. Updates cost $75 per hour, and we'll always jump on a call with you to discuss the update in detail if we believe it will require more time.

Contact B12

No matter your request or question, get in touch with our Customer Success team.

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