Using the B12 Editor
Restoring your website to undo changes
Previewing and publishing your website
Pages and Sections
Adding a Terms of Service or Terms & Conditions page
Accessing the source code of a section on your website
Hide, Show, or Customize a Service or Product template page
Adding a Contact form to a page
Adding a new section to a page
Password Protect Your Pages
Move a section to another page
Editing a Team section
Add, hide, and delete pages and sections
Editing a Services or Products Section
Removing a Coming Soon page
Adding a Coming Soon or Under Construction page
Adding a new page to your website
Add a Privacy Policy to your website
Changing a page URL, including team members, services, or blog posts
How to define your website's homepage (or home page)
Hide, Show, or Customize a Team member page
Rearranging sections, navigation links, and other collection items
Renaming pages and sections
Changing section layout
Duplicate a page or section